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Ralph Lauren Paint

Ralph Lauren produces paint. Yes, the kind you apply on your walls. And even more startling, “The Paint Store“ boutique is in Tel Aviv. Located at HaHashmal 33 under a RL-blue awning, the airy and refreshing space was conceived out of a lack for high-end custom paint in this city.

The space couldn't differ more from your standard home-improvement warehouse nightmare. Rather, the colours are treated much like clothes, elegantly lit and showcased. A Chesterfield sits against the far wall, Nespresso is kindly offered upon entry, and a paint specialist is busy concocting colours and assisting clients.  

Granted you'd have to fly to the Middle East for this experience but if you desire colours a bit more sophisticated than your basic whites, perhaps pop by. Besides, wouldn't you agree, you’d absolutely want to nick one of those paint-splattered Ralph Lauren aprons as well?


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