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Radio Rosco

The sirens just heard over BBC live footage seems to mentally bring a close to an idyllic, though hard-worked, summer spent in Tel Aviv. Recently published on HiGH Magazine, I recall stepping off Allenby’s bus-roaring sidewalks, and ducking through a doorway marked by a faded yellow sign.

Housed on the ground floor of a historic building dating back to 1926, Radio Rosco opened doors six years back and is still drawing in locals for open seats under the courtyard’s lime tree leaves swaying under the blue Mediterranean skies.

It was long past noon, and neither SOLAL FAKIEL (founder of HiGH) nor I could resist a glass of wine which soon turned into a full on wine tasting scenario. The complimenting gastronomic creations were also full of tantalising flavours and delightful textures: mozzarella and roasted-tomato skewers, a white pizza graced with forest mushrooms, and tagliatelle in a herbed shrimp and cherry tomato sauce.

Our protests of maxed out appetites fell on deaf ears; we sipped dry the last droplets of wine just in time for a Halva Parfait and an Apple Crumble to make appearances along with Italian roast espresso.

Regardless of country, politics, or attacking missiles, so long as foodies exist, the best of gastronomic experiences could never be wiped out! To read the full article, download the HiGH App.

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