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MBFWB AW13 Perret Schaad

I’ve known TUTIA and JOHANNA, professionally and as friends, for roughly two years now. Long enough to understand their runways to be reflections of themselves, a play of two complimenting personalities – TUTIA’s audible bursts of giggly laughter and JOHANNA’s bright smiles, or the former’s chaotic worktable versus the later’s tidy one. And in creating collections for what they term “the modern woman,” they present collections that rightfully represent their names Perret and Schaad.

The two are almost engineers when it comes to meticulous precision of constructing clothes. But artists in the way they fold and drape fabric into poetic expressions that cling, billow, ripple, and shimmer on the MBFW Berlin AW 2013/14 runway. TUTIA and JOHANNA also hold an attraction to creating realities that represent abstractions: imageries of cold winter nights, whispers of spring, “autumnal” colours. I suspect however that they more realities of their inner personalities rather than an elusive fiction.

MBFWB AW13 Marcel Ostertag

MBFWB AW13 Lena Hoschek