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Gather Amsterdam

It’s a simple idea - to Gather. Amongst the various definitions, it can mean: to gain by a process of gradual increase. And when three separate entities – a design studio, a curated lifestyle boutique and a Korean culinary duo – combine their beliefs, aesthetics and enthusiasms, the outcome has potential for an enriched harvest.

As part of LMBRJK’s temporary SADL Stool Concept Store, the closing GATHER dinner shown here was sponsored at the Harvest & Company Amsterdam store, knifing in the culinary imagination of Korean chefs YOKIYO. The intent was to bring twenty creatives, all seated on SADL stools at a common table, to celebrate each others’ creative spirits.

Was it a success; a process of increase with something gained? What all twenty guests took away isn’t for us to assume; each to their own. Yet intimately knowing some of those present and the reminisced stories of that eve that linger in conversation long after we traded grinning farewells, one can speculate on the various sparks of inspiration received. The question remaining is: Will those sparks give spout to other gatherings?

Most Definitely.

Rooftop Tapasing

Collecting, Threading and Parading

Collecting, Threading and Parading