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Rooftop Tapasing

Seven floor up from the streets of Lisbon, is Rossio: Restaurant Bar Terraso. Of note is that this rooftop hosts a “Tapas Course” – a daily occurrence involving three ebullient creations and their counterparts in paired wine. While the space no doubt populates with the sunshine, it also serves as an elegant afternoon “dive” on drizzly Lisbon days.

So while the precipitation begins their descend, a couple of us foodies request the menu without further ado. The well attired staff starts us off with prawn kofta and red tobiko roe – a playful little poem sprinkled with wasabi coated sesame seeds that has us polishing up the plate. The following cherry tomato and mozzarella crostini on an expression of balsamic vinaigrette is a lovely sight with a local Lisbon rosé. And, pulling up the vanguard strong: smoked Portuguese ham and sheep cheese resting on a bed of port wine reduction. An absolute “Super Yum!” in our gastronomically-nonprofessional opinions.

As the hour lilts toward dinner, the staff hustle to prepare for the night. Tables are re-aligned, silverware inspected and serviettes straightened out. We leave them to their works of perfection and before making our departure, turn to admire the space sparkling with polished wineglasses and smooth jazz.

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