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Pure Perret-Schaad

Pure Perret-Schaad

The young duo of Perret Schaad - an elusive team to catch - take a couple of hours to drink lemongrass tea in the leaky morning light and chat about their work. Tutia Schaad and Johanna Perret show off some of their pieces and details of their beautiful Altbau studio.

Pure Perret-Schaad

The success of their first collection shown at the 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin jumpstarted them onto a path of creative investigation. Today, if you're familiar with Perret Schaad designs, you recognise their finessed attention to fabric quality and finishing. Of course with savoir-faire.

The results are visually striking collections that give the wearer an air of nonchalant confidence. With powerful concepts and vigorous devotion to their work, it’s no wonder that Perret Schaad has become a respected standard amongst young Berlin designers.

Mr. Vagabond: Tutia, Johanna, going all the way back, what influenced you personally to dig into fashion design?

Tutia: I’ve been drawing clothes since I was a small child for animals and people. I’ve never thought that a particular person or situation influenced that. But I have to admit that despite the poverty of my Vietnamese grandparents, they always took great care of what they were wearing. This love for fashion is probably in my genes, but I felt the need to bring it to another level, designing forms and volumes, developing colours and materials to create a look. 

Johanna: I grew up in a creative family with a graphic designer for a grandfather, an architect for a father and an artist for a mother, and I have always been working with all material mediums. So I feel a lot of liberty in creating really different things. Sewing and the interest for fashion came at some point . I started with bags. I also loved reading fashion magazines and followed all the 90′s top model careers.

Mr. Vagabond: And once Perret Schaad was formed, what were some of the challenges of starting the brand?

Perret Schaad: Organization! And knowledge of business.

Mr. Vagabond: So how has the design of Perret Schaad evolved or finessed since the starting date?

Tutia: Well...maybe we could tell you in a year?

Mr. Vagabond: Fair enough. Do you remember how you felt after your very first Perret Schaad runway show?

Tutia: I felt my heart beating crazy after drinking ten vodka shots in a row. (But that never happened of course!)

Mr. Vagabond: How would you describe your own collections using five words

Tutia: Subtleness makes you look good.

Mr. Vagabond: What's the reason for making Berlin your design headquarters?

Johanna: The feeling that we can be part of this city’s build and re-build up.

Mr. Vagabond: If you can make one major change to the label, what would it be?

Tutia: We are in the “evolvement ” phase, so I wish the changes would happen quicker. I have an impatient nature.

Johanna: To be able to live and work in any city in the world for one season. Dream!

Text & Photography: Mr. Vagabond

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