Gabriel Tamez

In 2012, Gabriel Tamez left the desk-chained life of an architect, for that of a journalist. And quickly found himself destitute and quite homeless. With one suit, a fedora hat, and two weekender bags, he wandered across the globe from Tel Aviv to Tokyo and Belgrade to Berlin. Some nights he got by on whatever hospitality was offered. Others were spent on train station benches or airport corridors.

Through it all, he observed and recorded, photographed and penned. He believed in celebrating the journey itself, and not just the destinations. He wrote to capture the experience. He wrote until the pages filled up, the journals piled up and he couldn't carry them any longer.

These days, Gabriel is based out of a quiet surf town on the Portuguese coastline. With expertise in photography, writing, and social media, he often packs his two bags to create content for the likes of Deutsche Lufthansa, GQ Magazine, and Mercedes-Benz

But when at home, he occasionally thumbs through a tall pile of weathered notebooks that sit on his desk. Within those ink-laden pages live his vagabond notes, and the beginnings of Mr. Vagabond - a collection of world encounters.

Photo by Luc Lagasquie